Custom Mouthguard Middle River, MD

Do you or your child play contact sports? Receive your sports mouthguards in Dr. Ned Greenberg’s Middle River dental office. Patients need to wear mouthguards when playing lacrosse, soccer, hockey, football, and other contact sports. Sports mouthguards are a general dental treatment that allows patients to play the sports they love while protecting their teeth and gums from damage.

Sports mouthguards are made of thick plastic that acts as a layer of protection for your teeth and gums. Learn more about the benefits of mouthguards as well as answers to questions about mouthguards below:

Sports Mouthguards in Middle River, Maryland

Benefits of Mouthguards

Wearing a custom mouthguard during sports:

  • Protects the teeth and gums in a collision
  • Protects dental work from being damaged including braces
  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Snug fitting and less likely to fall out

Over-the-counter mouthguards don’t offer a custom professional fit. They may fall out or make it difficult to speak. Alternatively, professional custom-fit mouthguards fit securely and not restrict speech.

Receiving a Sports Mouthguard

To create a custom sports mouthguard, Dr. Greenberg will take dental impressions of teeth to ensure a custom-fit. When the mouthguard is complete, he will make sure it is comfortable and fits properly in the mouth. To care for your sports mouthguard, regularly clean it with cool water and mouthwash or soap to make sure bacteria don’t multiply. Use cool water as hot water can warp the plastic. Store your mouthguard in its ventilated container so it can dry between uses. If you find that your mouthguard smells, soak it in hydrogen peroxide and then mouthwash or denture cleaner. Regularly cleaning your mouthguard ensures that it stays fresh and is free from bacterial infection.

Sports Mouthguard FAQs

How long do sports mouthguards last?

Sports mouthguards should be replaced each sports season to make sure they fit properly. Mouthguards will eventually fit differently due to repeated use.

How do I know if my mouthguard fits properly?

Your mouthguard should fit securely to your teeth without biting or clenching your jaw. Ill-fitting mouthguards can fall out or make it difficult to speak, so it is important that it fits securely against the teeth.

Can I wear sports mouthguards for bruxism?

Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, is a problem that often occurs unconsciously during the night. We recommend dental mouthguards to stop the teeth from wearing down. However, sports mouthguards are different from night mouthguards. Sports mouthguards can only be worn for several hours during sports and are crafted from a thicker plastic. They are not meant to be worn during the night. We will provide you with a night guard if you suffer from bruxism, but the two types of mouthguards cannot be used interchangeably.

Request a Dental Exam & Consultation

Do you need a sports mouthguard that fits properly? Call Dr. Greenberg at 410.686.4646 for treatment today. You may also schedule a dental exam with Dr. Greenberg online. If you have any remaining questions about receiving a sports mouthguard, let Dr. Greenberg know at your next consultation. He will clarify your treatment plan for you as well as the care of your mouthguard.